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X de Jung 2018



A blend of 3 different grape varieties, this wine is ideal for your aperitifs and exotic dishes.
Rich, aromatic and greedy, in the mouth it is an explosion of flavor.

  • The wine and its vintage
  • Wine and food pairing

This “X de Jung” cuvée is the big sister and the opposite of Olivier’s 2nd creation, named “”Z de Gnuj””.

An explosion of flavor in the mouth. This sweet wine is rich and aromatic, with a lively note that brings pep to a well-balanced finish.

Two cuvées that are now a must have at Domaine Jung Gustave & fils.

Its richness is appreciated as an aperitif.

Its greediness marries deliciously with spicy or sweet and salty exotic dishes. On a tagine or a chicken with curry, pineapple and coconut milk.

For the more curious, taste this cuvée as an aperitif to discover all its subtleties.

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