A traditional way of producing

A family estate since 1925. The Jung family emphasizes the authenticity of the wines and the terroirs. Each step is mastered and carried out in a traditional way, with yields between 30hl and 60hl per hectare according to each of our plots, to preserve the taste of the grapes and of each variety.

The Family wants to offer high quality wines, that’s why all is done starting from the pruning to have healthy vines, with controlled yields and a daily follow-up of each plot in all seasons and at all times. Without forgetting a careful work of the ground to support the biodiversity within our plots.

The winegrowers make a Guyot Poussard pruning in order to aerate the vine and to improve the sap flow on each vine and to limit the premature death of the vines. On average, the Jung Family only carries out a few treatments per year, each one being well thought out and reasoned, always with the aim of helping the plant: the knowledge of the processes, of the Alsatian know-how and of each of our plots allow us to produce the best grapes, for Alsace wines with an exceptional quality.

The Jung family, winemakers with a fine and delicate know-how.

Harvesting has been done manually for 4 generations. The Jung family carries out a very selective picking at the beginning, to keep only the best grapes. This technique is gentler and ensures better quality grapes when they arrive at the press, as the berries are not damaged nor crushed. Pressing is done via a pneumatic press for a much finer extraction of the grape juice.

"Good wine gladdens the heart of man"
- L'Eclésiaste -
Respect fort the grape and the vine

A production of Alsace Wines that is environmentally friendly.

The Jung Family encourages a non-interventionist approach in vine growing. Fermentation is done without added yeast and all wines are filtered through a tangential filter to eliminate all impurities. Preserved in 100% stainless steel barrels or in wooden casks for certain cuvées, the different terroirs are vinified individually.

Since 2021, the producers of Vins d’Alsace have decided to go even further in their environmental approach by officially starting their conversion to organic farming on the whole vineyard. It is thanks to Dominique’s support, Margaux’s impulse and Kevin’s daily support that Olivier has decided to finally make the step!

Personalize your bottles with a unique label

An event to celebrate!? Do you want to mark the occasion with a bottle of Alsace wine with your own unique label? The producer of Alsace wines, offers to personalize the labels on your bottles at no extra charge. Let us know about your event and we will guide you in the creation of a label that meets your expectations and your needs (colors, logo, image, text, etc.) If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about your project.