Our history

4 Generations of winegrowers, producers of Alsace Wines

Producers of Alsace wines in Riquewihr, in the heart of the Alsace wine road, the Jung family has passed on its passion and traditional know-how from generation to generation in order to produce high-quality wines.
Independent winegrower since 1925, it is now Olivier, 3rd generation, who is at the head of the domain with his wife.

The team

The Family members

Family estate since the first day, it is today Olivier and Dominique, his wife, who manage the estate with the help of Kevin, the spouse of Camille, the eldest of the 2 girls.

3 people to manage the 10 hectares of vineyards mainly located in Riquewihr, it requires a great rigor, versatility, but especially a passion without limit for our profession.

Olivier Jung
He represents the 3rd generation of winemaker in the JUNG family. Multi-tasking, he is involved in each stage of the elaboration of our Alsatian wines. He manages the entire wine making process, and creates each cuvée of the domain, with passion and know-how, to offer you high quality wines, unique and in his image. He will be happy to welcome you to the store to let you taste his delicious creations and when he is away, you will find him in the vineyard to work his vines, in the cellar or delivering for our professional customers!
Dominique Jung
Olivier's wife, she has been at his side for many years. A saleswoman by nature, she will meet you with pleasure and good humor in her store to help you discover the Jung Wines. After her commercial hat, she also takes care of all the administration of the Domaine, takes your orders and takes care of your shipments and all your requests. A winegrower to the tips of her fingers, she will also be in the vineyards to do the various jobs throughout the year.
Kevin Sterli
The man with the machines, culture manager in the making! He takes care of all the equipment of the domain, in the cellar with the bottling, the labeling, the filtering, in the vineyards on his tractor for all the mechanized work. Kevin takes care of the vineyard on a daily basis and helps Olivier in the cellar for the vinification of our cuvées. A true leader , his dynamism, his ingenuity and his passion are great assets for the Domaine and the Family.
Margaux Jung
4th generation and youngest member of the Jung family, after having successfully completed her master's degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, she ended up specializing in wine in order to perfect her knowledge of viticulture, oenology and the vine cycle, in order to take over the family estate with all the keys in hand to succeed. A passionate winetaster, she continues to perfect her knowledge through various diplomas. Still very discreet at the domain, she takes care of all the marketing, communication, and internet requests as well as your orders, without forgetting the steps towards organic farming, which was a real request from her. In the shadows but ready to take over the domain in a few years!

More than 96 years of know-how

1st generations

The vine has been in the family for several generations before that, but it all starts with Olivier's grandparents, Camille and Amélie, who worked the family vineyards. The majority of the wine production was delivered to a village winemaker in bulk, but the beginnings of bottle sales were already being felt. It is only when Gustave took over the estate with his wife that they developed the commercialization of bottles, by selling their own cuvées.
Easter 1972

Opening of the first wine cellar in Riquewihr

Thanks to the success of Gustave's wines, the couple decided to open their first store in the center of the village of Riquewihr, in the family home "Le Gratte-ciel".
Easter 1984

Opening of the second wine cellar in Riquewihr

In 1984, after his studies, Olivier Jung, the son, officially joined the family business. His arrival will be marked by the creation of a second store, which will be Olivier's. Still in the center of Riquewihr, this one is a traditional Alsatian cellar, with oak barrels for decoration.

Partial arrival of Dominique

Dominique arrives on the estate by buying with Olivier some shares of the estate by creating the GAEC. Dominique will continue to work as a freelance for other winegrowers. And will of course help Olivier in the vineyards.

Beginning of the new winery

The family decides to invest in a new vat house with the new technologies put in place in the wine industry. This is the era of stainless-steel barrels! This will enable a much finer vinification, with a better control of the fermentations, thus producing wines of great quality.

1st solo vinification

After the sudden loss of Gustave at the dawn of his 60th birthday, Olivier will make his first harvest and vinification alone in 2006. Since then, he vinifies each year his exceptional cuvées of Alsace wines, keeping in mind all the knowledge that was transmitted to him by his father and grandfather.

Dominique joins Olivier on the estate

Dominique fully joins Olivier on the estate and takes over the keys of the tasting cellar, which also offers wines by the glass. Since then, on all fronts, they manage the estate together, as much the sale with the management of the 2 wine stores, as the work in the vineyard, the harvest, the wine making and finally, the marketing.

New investments

The arrival of Dominique will also be the occasion to invest in a new press, pneumatic this time, always in a concern to be in phase with its time and the new progress.
Novembre 2012

Opening of the "Restaurant La Diligence" led by Camille JUNG

Where the wines of the Domain are proposed to the customers. The perfect opportunity to discover the wines from the Jung estate for beautiful food and wine pairings proposed with taste by Camille.

New investments in the cellar

A new turn, always in favor of the environment, but this time in the cellar, with the new purchase of a machine for an optimal and finest filtration of our wines.

Arrival of Kevin and new investments.

To help Olivier in the cellar and in the vineyards, Kevin - Camille's husband - joined the team with his dynamism, motivation and passion.

Margaux, Reine des Vins d'Alsace

Margaux is crowned Queen of Alsace Wines 2018-2019, a real pride for the whole family of winegrower and her hometown Riquewihr; and a beautiful recognition for Margaux. Passionate about her job, it is a year rich in discoveries, meetings and moments of sharing that await her.

A 10 hectare Wine Estate

3 hectares have been added to the surface of the domain for a total production surface of 10 hectares now.

On our way to organic production

After several decades in “reasoned agriculture”, the family decided to finally go organic. Big financial and human investments, but motivated by the unfailing support of Dominique, Camille and Margaux, and especially by the daily support of Kevin. Conversion of the whole domain, the wines will be officially labeled "Organic Agriculture" in 2024.