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Riesling Cuvée Gustave 2022



Greedy and lively, this Riesling Vieilles Vignes reveals a beautiful minerality and a crystalline finish opening on notes of citrus fruits more particularly lemons and grapefruits. 

  • The wine and its vintage
  • Wine and food pairing

This cuvée is made from an old vine over 35 years old and is made in honor of Gustave, who represents the 2nd generation of the JUNG family on the estate.

It is customary in the family to make a cuvée that represents the favorite wines of our fathers. Here, this cuvée in honor of Gustave is made from Riesling, a mineral wine with a beautiful length, its vivacity is in harmony with its great crystalline finesse.

For dry wine lovers, it will be ideal as an aperitif.

It goes well with fish, seafood and shellfish.

More traditionally, it sublimates Alsatian dishes such as Sauerkraut, Baeckaoffa or a rooster cooked with Riesling.

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